We provide Consumer Directed Services.

Consumer Directed Services (CDS) is a Medicaid-based program that provides personal care attendant (PCA) services to individuals with disabilities, enabling them to live independently in their own homes and communities. Participants, also known as Consumers, in the CDS program employ a personal care attendant (PCA) of their choice to assist them with activities of daily living. The tasks may include grooming, bathing, toileting, meal preparation, housekeeping, laundry, essential transportation and other tasks. Consumers are responsible for hiring and managing their attendants. A qualified friend or family member may be hired as a PCA (with a few exceptions).

Emerest is free for all Medicaid patients. Emerest does not charge any fees or taxes. You will never have to pay money when you receive Consumer Directed Services with Emerest.

If you live in Missouri, Emerest can provide you with CDS services.

If you meet the below criteria you may be eligible for CDS:

  • Have Medicaid
  • Over the age of 18
  • Able to direct your own care

Call us at 1-833-We-Pay-12 to find out more!

If you meet the minimum qualifications, call Emerest at 1-833-937-2912 and we’ll be happy to walk you through the process.

If you’d like to switch your CDS provider to Emerest, please call us at 1-833-937-2912.

Not at all! At Emerest, we make the switching process easy and hassle-free. Call us at 1-833-937-2912 and we’ll take care of the rest.

Switching CDS providers will generally take 2-4 weeks. At Emerest we provide you with updates to ensure you’re notified about every step in the process. You will not lose services during the transition period.

Any qualified caregiver chosen by the CDS program participant, including a family member (other than a spouse) can be a personal care attendant. At Emerest all PCA’s earn $12/hour.